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  • The UK CDAR BHOS team is committed to delivering useful and meaningful translational research services and products to a broad range of audiences through presentations, user-friendly reports, and consultation. The unique expertise of BHOS faculty and staff, who are recognized across the state and nationally for their work, results in many opportunities to present Kentucky data. In addition, BHOS faculty and staff write articles for peer-reviewed publications generated from project data and often speak to the media when opportunities arise to address issues, knowledge, and myths about substance use, substance abuse treatment, and interpersonal violence. BHOS faculty and staff also work to raise awareness across the state and nationally regarding the need and importance of behavioral health interventions.

    Having high quality data collection and analysis is essential to the success of community-based research, but equally important is meaningful and credible translation of research findings into useful information for service providers, policymakers, taxpayers, and consumers. BHOS develops a variety of translational research products including fact sheets, Findings at a Glance, PowerPoint slides, and In Focus reports using data from each project including KTOS, AKTOS, RCOS, KORTOS, and KY-MOMS MATR. The translational research products have been well-received by service providers who share these products with funding agencies, clients, legislators, and community members to promote their programs.

    Each product serves a different purpose. For example, the one-page fact sheet grabs the reader’s attention with concise, useful sound bites of the most important findings from the longer annual report in a visually appealing format. The Findings at a Glance format provides a 4-5 page brief summary of the most important findings from each project’s annual report with more graphs and detail than can be presented in the shorter fact sheets. Finally, recognizing that service providers sometimes need to present information on their client population and program outcomes, the BHOS team develops PowerPoint slides with information on the research method, client population, and major outcomes that service providers can access and distribute as needed.