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  • UK CDAR BHOS uses extremely robust security protocols and state-of-the-art technology to provide a secure, user-friendly interface for data collection and management at the site level and at the administrator or state level. BHOS has technical expertise to ensure quality data collection across many project locations which use a variety of devices and software programs, have differing levels of access to the internet, and have a diverse technological support at the facility level. BHOS faculty and staff have a strong commitment to customer service and technical assistance requests.

    The CDAR Records Display Platform© was developed to provide easier and intuitive access to the baseline data collection system, secure data entry, and data management display features. The CDAR Records Display Platform is built to work in conjunction with online interview collection software such as LimeSurvey (

    The CDAR Records Display Platform© offers technologically advanced access to a variety of benefits and services including:

    • Broad and versatile web-based access – With an active internet connection, the CDAR Records Display Platform can be accessed on a wide variety of computers and web browsers (e.g., Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari).
    • Offline Usage – The CDAR Records Display Platform© can be configured for use on a computer with no internet access. This allows users to achieve secure offline data collection and secure transmission of the data to the online project database.
    • User Management –The CDAR Records Display Platform© allows different levels of user access and management tasks, such as authorizing new user accounts, deactivating users, editing an existing user’s account, or setting/re-setting an existing user’s password. This flexibility to manage user accounts allows projects to provide immediate access for personnel without having to go through potentially cumbersome or time-consuming access authorization procedures.
    • Client Management Features – The client database is fully searchable and client information can be viewed at the clinician caseload level. Therefore, in addition to active client lists, other information about the clients can be provided in the database for on-demand view. Additional data entry on clients can be assigned to specified users depending on authorization by the contracting entity. Client assignment can also be shared or transferred to other authorized users.
    • Custom Reports – Tailored reports are accessible by users at different levels of the program. This reporting feature provides managers real-time information to monitor site activity within selected parameters (e.g., date ranges).
    • Visual Representation of Data – The CDAR Records Display Platform© allows users to select and view specific data elements (such as race, gender, or region) in tables, graphs and other visual representations of data.
    • Complex Interview/Form Management – The CDAR Records Display Platform© guides users to the necessary forms, the specific order of entry, and the dates that items need to be completed. This is especially helpful to those projects that have multiple data collection components.