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The Kentucky Needs Assessment 2005 Adolescent Household Survey Report uses household survey information to develop estimates of how many adolescents in Kentucky use nicotine, alcohol, and illicit drugs and how many youth need treatment. These estimates were developed from data collected during confidential and anonymous telephone interviews with 1,607 adolescent Kentuckians between the ages of 12 to 17 randomly sampled from households across Kentucky. Interviews were conducted from June to September 2005.

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Report Sections:

Executive Summary HTML .pdf
Section 1. Purpose, Objectives, & Method HTML .pdf
Section 2.: Demographics HTML .pdf
Section 3: Nicotine HTML .pdf
Section 4. Alcohol HTML .pdf
Section 5. Drugs HTML .pdf
Section 6. DSM-IV-TR Criteria HTML .pdf
Section 7. Treatment Utilization & Treatment Need HTML .pdf
Section 8. Attitudes and Beliefs HTML .pdf
Section 9. 1998 Adolescent Household Survey Comparison HTML .pdf
Section 10. Regional Comparisons HTML .pdf
Concluding Remarks/References HTML .pdf
Appendix   .pdf

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