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The UK CDAR BHOS team has extensive research experience in behavioral health outcomes including substance abuse trends, consequences of substance abuse, co-occurring outcomes such as physical health, mental health, stress, and poverty problems, interpersonal violence, treatment and intervention program outcomes, and behavioral health outcomes in rural and urban areas. (Read More)

The BHOS team has experience interpreting data results into comprehensible and meaningful findings that can be used by a variety of audiences including clients, service providers, policymakers, and community members. (Read More)

UK CDAR BHOS uses extremely robust security protocols and state-of-the-art technology to provide a secure, user-friendly interface for data collection and management at the site level and at the administrator or state level. (Read More)

The UK CDAR BHOS team is committed to delivering useful and meaningful translational research services and products to a broad range of audiences through presentations, user-friendly reports, and consultation.(Read More)