Danelle Stevens-Watkins, Ph.D.

Danelle Stevens-Watkins


Dr. Stevens-Watkins is an Associate Professor in Counseling Psychology. She received her Ph.D. in from the University of Kentucky in 2008 and her Masters in Clinical Psychology in 2004 from Spalding University. She completed her doctoral internship at the Federal Medical Center (Federal Prison)-Lexington Residential Drug Abuse Program in 2007. Broadly, her research focuses on mental health, drug use, health disparities, HIV risk and barriers to service utilization among African American populations. Dr. Stevens-Watkins is a NIDA T32 faculty mentor. She is also a Member of the National African American Researchers and Scholars Workgroup which serves as an advisory board to NIH and other foundations regarding funding priorities for the African American community. Dr. Stevens-Watkins teaches graduate level courses in Practicum, Counseling Techniques, Multicultural Psychology, Psychopathology, and Substance Abuse Counseling. She is a Licensed Psychologist in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Representative peer-reviewed manuscripts:

Oser, C., Pullen, E., Leukefeld, C., Stevens-Watkins, D., Stanton-Tindall, M., Havens, J. (2015). The size of African American female’s health networks: The role of drug and criminal histories. Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 146, e58-e59.

Stevens-Watkins, D., Leukefeld, C., & Oser, C. (2015). Psychiatric problems and sex-trading among drug-using African American women: Does family support matter? Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 146, e108.

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Grant Awards:

Principal Investigator
University of Kentucky Center on Clinical and Translation Science-Junior Investigator Award. A pilot study grant to support a project titled "A Pilot Study to Test Feasibility of REMAS-CA (Real Men Are Safe-Culturally Adapted) on Drug Using African American Male Prisoners Nearing Community Re-entry". National Center for Research Resources and the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences, National Institutes of Health-UL1TR000117. Consultant: Ann (Kathy) Burlew, Ph.D. University of Cincinnati. 01-15-2015-07-31-2017. $24,800 total cost.

Mentored Clinical Scientist Career Development Award
(K08-DA-032296-PI: Danelle Stevens-Watkins) titled “African American Male Offenders: Drug Use, Mental Health, and HIV Risk” competitive award funded through the National Institute of Health (NIH)-National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) on 05-01-12 through 04-30-17. $707,996 total cost.

Research Supplement to Promote Diversity in Health-Related Research
Received investigator level support for project titled “African American Female Drug Users: HIV, Health Disparities, & Criminality” (R01-DA-022967-S1 PI: Carrie Oser; CoI: Danelle Stevens-Watkins). Funded through the National Institute of Health (NIH)-National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) 01-2010 through 1-31-2012. $125,000 total cost.