Addiction Research Organizations

Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia 

Center for Drug and Alcohol Studies at the University of Delaware  

Institute of Behavioral Research at Texas Christian University 

Rand Drug Policy Research Center 


Federal Agencies  

National Institutes on Health (Selected sites) 

   National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism 

   National Institute on Drug Abuse 

   The Monitoring the Future Survey 

   National Institute of Mental Health

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (Selected Sites) 

   National Clearinghouse for Drug and Alcohol Information 

   National Survey on Drug Use and Health 

   Drug and Alcohol Services Information System (DASIS) 

Office of National Drug Control Policy 

Treatment Episode Data Set (TEDS) 

United States Department of Justice (Selected Sites) 

   Bureau of Justice Statistics 

   Bureau of Prisons 

   National Criminal Justice Reference Service 

   National Institute of Corrections 

   National Institute of Justice 


Professional Societies and Organizations  

Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences 

American Psychological Association 

   Division 28 - Pharmacology and Substance Abuse 

   Division 50 - Addictions 

   Division 55 - American Society for the Advancement of Pharmocotherapy 

American Public Health Association 

American Society of Criminology 

American Sociological Association 

College on the Problems of Drug Dependence 

National Association of Social Workers


University of Kentucky  

Department of Behavioral Science

Department of Psychology at UK 

College of Social Work at UK 

Department of Sociology at UK