Kentucky DUI Project

The Kentucky DUI Project includes the design and continued development of the computer softwareused for Kentucky DUI assessments (Kentucky DUI Assessment Instrument or KDAI), manages the electronic collection of DUI assessment records in accordance with 908 KAR 1:310, maintains a database of collected DUI assessment records, and assists with the development and production of reports on the activities of certified DUI assessment programs to support the monitoring function of the Division of Program Integrity DUI Program.

Technical Assistance
KDAI User Manual

This manual is designed to provide information to users of the Kentucky Driving Under the Influence Assessment Instrument (KDAI).

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a quick reference to questions and answers on using the about Kentucky Driving Under the Influence Assessment Instrument (KDAI).

Request Technical Assistance

To contact the DUI Program for technical assistance click the Submit Request button below. Please include your Program name, assessor name, phone number, a brief explanation of your request and the assessment number if necessary. DO NOT include personal identifiers in your request.

Kentucky DUI Assessment Reports