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Kentucky Needs Assessment Project (KNAP) Description:

This state-funded project is a set of ongoing studies which examine levels of drug and alcohol use, abuse, and dependence among residents of Kentucky using integrated needs assessment methodologies.  Estimates of treatment needs within the Commonwealth of Kentucky are calculated using diagnostic criteria applied to household telephone survey data. These estimates are developed for prevalence rates in the Commonwealth. In addition, the project examines treatment utilization in comparison with treatment needs for particular areas and for the use of specific drugs. The project also provides data requested by planners, researchers, policy makers, and program developers across the state. Aims for this project include:

1) Examine the levels of drug and alcohol use, abuse and dependence among residents of Kentucky;

2) Determine substance abuse treatment needs within the Commonwealth;

3)  Develop and provide epidemiological data for alcohol and other drug treatment services planning;

4) Provide data necessary for the Commonwealth of Kentucky to comply with the Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment (SAPT) block grant application requirements;

5) Identify populations and areas in the Commonwealth of Kentucky with the greatest need for services;

6) Assist the Commonwealth in obtaining data that can be used by multiple agencies involved in alcohol and other drug abuse services planning;

7) Develop an ongoing needs assessment process at the state and sub-state planning area levels; and

8) Enhance the knowledge and utilization of planning data for allocating treatment resources. 

Kentucky Needs Assessment Project Survey Reports

2007 Adult Household Survey Report

2005 Adolescent Household Survey Report

2004 Adult Household Survey Report

Kentucky Needs Assessment Project Brief Reports

Brief Report: Self-Rated Physical Health

Brief Report: Self-Rated Emotional Health

Brief Report: Drug Use and Depression

Brief Report: Adult Intravenous Drug Users

Brief Report: Tobacco Use, Substance Use, and Treatment Need

Brief Report: Attitudes and Beliefs in Metro and Non-Metro Areas

Brief Report: Employment and Substance Use

Brief Report: Substance Use & Treatment Need Among Adults on Medicaid

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Last updated on 05/01/2008.