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Michelle Lofwall, M.D.

Michelle Lofwall, M.D.


Dr. Lofwall is an Associate Professor of Psychiatry with an adjunct appointment in the Department of Behavioral Science. She has an active outpatient office-based opioid addiction treatment practice and teaches residents about treatment of substance use disorders. She spends the majority of her time engaged in clinical research aimed at improving the treatment of opioid and cocaine addiction.

Representative peer-reviewed manuscripts:

Lofwall, M.R., Brooner, R.K., Bigelow, G.E., Strain, E.C.  Characteristics of older opioid maintenance patients.  Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, 2005 April; 28 (3): 265-272.

Lofwall, M.R., Stitzer, M.L., Bigelow, G.E., Strain, E.C.  Comparative safety and side effect profiles of buprenorphine and methadone in the outpatient treatment of opioid dependence.  Addictive Disorders and Their Treatment, 2005 June; 4 (2):  49-62.

Lofwall, M.R., Walsh, S.L., Bigelow, G.E., Strain, E.C. Spontaneous opioid withdrawal associated with reduced cigarette craving and expired air carbon monoxide levels.  American Journal on Addiction, 2007 Jul-Aug;16(4):310-5.

Lofwall, M.R., Walsh, S.L., Bigelow, G.E., Strain, E.C.  Modest opioid withdrawal suppression efficacy of oral tramadol in humans.  Psychopharmacology, 2007 Oct;194(3):381-93.

Lofwall, M.R., Schuster, A., Strain, E.C. Changing profile of abused substances by older persons entering treatment.  The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease (in press).











Book chapters:

Strain, E.C. and M.R. Lofwall. Buprenorphine treatment. Textbook of substance abuse treatment, fourth edition (2008). M. Galanter and H.D. Kleber. Washington, D.C., American Psychiatric Press.

Strain, E.C., Lofwall, M.R., Jaffe, J. Opioid-Related Disorders. Comprehensive Textbook of Psychiatry, ninth edition. Sadock, Sadock and Ruiz. Lipincott Williams and Wilkins (in press)





Current Contracts and Grant Awards:

Building Interdisciplinary Research Careers in Women’s Health
NIDA K12 DA14040-08  P.I. = J. Ferguson (Lofwall: K12 awardee)

Postmarketing Abuse Surveillance of Buprenorphine Products
CRS, Associates  P.I. = Lofwall

Licit & Illicit Opioids: Comparative Studies in Humans
NIDA RO1 DA016718 P.I. = S.L. Walsh (Lofwall: co-investigator)

Evaluation of Atomoxetine for Cocaine Dependence: A Pilot Trial
NIDA R01 DA 022191-01 P.I. = S.L. Walsh (Lofwall: co-investigator)

Evaluation of Novel Treatments for Stimulant Dependence
R01 DA019433-01 P.I. = S.L. Walsh (Lofwall: co-investigator)


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